Modern Series

Myra is an ancient name meaning "paradise." This rare pot evokes a heavenly beauty and a sense of tranquility. When plants are placed within Myra, their graceful foliage transforms it into a dreamlike garden. Plants grown under the influence of Myra create an oasis of serenity, inviting your soul on a journey of inner peace.
  • Handmade
  • For Indoor- Outdoor Use  
  • Drained Hole  included unless specified  
  • Water/ weather resistant 
  • Lightweight & Durable 
  • Eco -friendly manufacturing process 
Color Content Stock Code Size Hei̇ght Di̇ameter Of The Mouth İnner Di̇ameter Of The Mouth Outer Di̇ameter Of The Belly
Concrete TACLIM-003BL Large 32 Inch 15 Inch 17 Inch 20,5 Inch
TACMYR-004BM Medium 24 Inch 8 Inch 10 Inch 12,5 Inch

GFRC Colors

  • 9938 - Blackened Black

    9938 - Blackened Black

  • 4143 - Shadow Black

    4143 - Shadow Black

  • 4477 - Deco Blue

    4477 - Deco Blue

  • 5180 - Oslo

    5180 - Oslo

  • 8422 - Green Marble

    8422 - Green Marble

  • 0125 - Palm Leal

    0125 - Palm Leal

  • 1987 - Oak Sand

    1987 - Oak Sand

  • 9913 - Matrix

    9913 - Matrix

  • 4629 - Matt Silver

    4629 - Matt Silver

  • 4625 - Petroli

    4625 - Petroli

  • 6084 - Sea Emerald

    6084 - Sea Emerald

  • 10248 - Olive Garden

    10248 - Olive Garden

  • 8109 - April Garden

    8109 - April Garden

  • 10541 - Sunkissed

    10541 - Sunkissed

GFRC lightweight planters, made of cement and glass fiber, are a popular choice for garden consumers who appreciate a cool and contemporary design. These flower pots have a unique appearance of weathered metal, which appeals to individuals who are style-conscious and value long-lasting products. Here are the advantages and sales arguments for your shop: 

1. Lightweight: GFRC pots are much lighter than stone or metal, and even most plastic flower pots. This makes them easy to handle and convenient for moving around your garden or indoor space. 

2. Wide variety: There is a wide range of different articles available in GFRC flower pots. This means you can find the perfect design and size to suit your garden or interior décor. 

3. Frost-resistant: The material used in GFRC pots is frost-resistant, ensuring durability and longevity even in harsh weather conditions. This makes them ideal for outdoor use throughout the year. 

4. Attractive weathered metal appearance: The look and feel of weathered metal gives GFRC pots a unique and stylish aesthetic. They can instantly enhance the visual appeal of any garden or indoor space. 

5. Versatile presentation: GFRC pots can be displayed both indoors and outdoors, and they complement various styles of décor. This versatility allows you to showcase them year-round, attracting customers regardless of the season or location. 

By highlighting these advantages and sales arguments, your shop can effectively promote the benefits of GFRC lightweight planters and attract customers looking for stylish, durable, and versatile flower pots.

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